Overcome the cruel “you’re too sensitive” comment

Girl Looking At The Sun At Sunrise

“You’re too sensitive!” Ever hear that? It’s usually accompanied by “You’re making stuff up!” or my personal favorite “Get over it!”

These terms are spewed with a vexing tone, as if you are wrong, or a nuisance. These aren’t phrases you’d think to answer “thank you” to. But, turns out, a cheeky “thanks” might be the perfect response. After all, how will our not-so-sensitive counterparts ever learn from us with a pick in our mouths?

If you’re what Dr. Elaine Aaron calls the “highly sensitive person” (or HSP), you may have had trouble fitting in or feeling appreciated. In her bestselling book – The Highly Sensitive Person – Aaron gives sensitive people a voice, and debunks some of the myths out there.  Even though it can feel like a curse at times, here are 5 instances when your sensitivity is going to give you a leg up. From one sensitive-gal to another:

  • Emotional Awareness. The greatest artists and musicians and creatives or this world… Yup, all highly sensitive. Your ability to truly feel gives you an edge when expressing your inner truth and your true nature. Embrace it! You may give others the means to feel their feelings, too.
  • Human Lie Detector. It’s really difficult to get something past you! You’re an honesty ninja. Perhaps it’s a husband, child, boss, or co-worker that isn’t telling the whole truth, but you see through it. How? You just feel it, cuz you’re awesome like that!
  • Dining Out. Have you ever walked into a restaurant or café and know exactly where you do (or don’t) want to sit? Of course you do! Because you are sensitive to it! Perhaps your intuition is telling you were to sit to avoid a slip or getting seated in a section with a –less-than-pleasant server. Food for thought.
  • It takes a lot of bravery to sit with someone else’s pain and sympathize. Being able to mirror someone’s pain (just for a little while) can offer them major healing. Think about the last time someone offered you deep listening – one the best things you can do for someone in need. Be careful though, as it can cause energy depletion and taking on other people’s “stuff.” Read this now to protect yourself. And this.
  • Making Decisions. Highly sensitive people can access the subtle details of their environment. This can come in handy when making decisions such as: where to go to school, which job offer to take, whether or not to go to that party. You can detect people’s mood and intentions before they may even have the chance to! Use this to your advantage to choose what’s right for you, and know when to walk away from something.

When is the last time you told yourself you were too sensitive? Probably never. If the message is coming from other people, let them know that your sensitivities are part of your natural movement, and you see them as beautiful and helpful! Perhaps a little more understanding could go a long way. Your sensitivities were given to you as a compass, to find your unique path in life. Good luck, be patient, and enjoy yours gifts.

For more info, check out these amazing resources: 30 Important Websites for Highly Sensitive People and A Highly Sensitive Person’s Life blog.


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