Capsule Closet: Hottest Spring Trend for Ultimate Luxury on the Cheap

Hottest Trend for Spring Minimalist Organizing
By: Lisa Saccoia

I confess. I’m the girl who has clothes strewn about so I can “find them.”

I also declare war on items that no longer fit, lost color, or have holes, yet somehow they end up back in my closet. Whaat? I can’t be the only one, right? Why do we do this? Is it because we feel guilty, or think “someday”? Or maybe we were Depression Era babies in a past life. Either way…

Here are this season’s hottest trends for surviving Spring Cleaning. If you do it right, you’ll add more joy to your life by having less “stuff”!

Jennifer L. Scott, author of the best-seller Lessons from Madam Chic,  has turned a woman’s worst nightmare into a chic lifestyle solution: a 10-item wardrobe. Yep, 10. T-e-n. How does she do it? Watch her inspiring TedTalk to find out. She also posts a new video to her YouTube Channel, The Daily Connoisseur, every Sunday.

Japanese organizational queen Marie Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, says only to keep pieces that “spark joy.” If they don’t, Justin Timberlake those suckers and say “Bye, Bye, Bye!” It’s the perfect song to play while cleaning out your closet. Need some motivation? Check out her Talks at Google here.

And then there’s the “Closet Capsule” phenomenon.   No, it’s not a closet where you put Sci-Fi movies you don’t watch. Much like Scott’s 10-item-wardrobe, it’s rooted in the idea that less is more, and investment pieces is where it’s at. No more buying throw-away pieces with every changing season. The fabulous and brave women behind Project 333 and Unfancy live the “Closet Capsule” phenomenon. Can you?

Could you part with your wardrobe in the name of living simple? Is our generation straying from the land-o-plenty mentality and finding freedom from these trends?  I want to hear from you! Share your comments and ideas below.


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