David Zyla – Lisa

David Zyla - Lisa

Special occasion dress
$1,200 – trouva.com

Sexy dress
$105 – aftershockplc.com

Green dress

Warehouse long sleeve dress
$57 – johnlewis.com

Long sleeve dress

Glamorous short dress
$31 – glamorous.com

WearAll party dress
$12 – wearall.com


New Arrivals & NSS Show!

In just a few days we’ll be heading to the National Stationary Show to meet and (and buy from) some amazing artists! We’re so excited! Stay tuned for some great journals, card, and stationary.

For now, head over to Bud & Rosa’s to see some of our New Arrivals. I think you’ll love them!


Happy Summer, Strappy Sandal

Happy Summer, Strappy Sandal

Uniqlo top
$31 – uniqlo.com

Paul & Joe Sister green shorts
$165 – question-air.com

Keds lace shoes

Strap sandals
$20 – newlook.com

STELLA McCARTNEY blue handbag

Pieces blue purse
$31 – pieces.com

Essie nail polish

New Inventory from an amazing jewelry artist!

I’m so excited to be working with a wonderful artist, Diane Zacaroli Spera from Zacaroli Arts. These gorgeous, artful pieces are created with the utmost quality, care, and passion.

Diane is an Interfaith Liturgical Artist and Chaplain.  Diane’s inspirations come from a diversity of spiritual traditions.  Her designs span from Buddhism to the Christian, Judaic and Sufi religion.

Buy these one-of-a-kind necklaces now as a gift for yourself or a special friend.

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DZ111GBC close upDZ111JOB DZ111PSFDZ111VFN close up  DZ111GBC DZ111VSN close up

Check out her website at: http://www.zacaroli.com/

Modern Job Interview

Modern Job Interview

Floral blouse

H M black circle skirt
$31 – hm.com

Giambattista Valli floral flat

Jimmy Choo cut-out shoes

MICHAEL Michael Kors red messenger bag
$215 – vanmildert.com

Diamond jewellery
A job interview is nerve wracking enough without the stress of figuring out what to wear, right? At least it is for me!
It’s not just an outfit. It has to convey so many things at once. Your essence. Your confidence. Your knowledge. And since everyone is unique, I’m really feelin’ like it’s time to embrace some color and personality. You’re not a robot, and you’re not going to a funeral, so why dress like it. Let your interview know right up front your true essence.
Check out Carol Tuttle’s blog post 5 Myths About Black That Are Not True.
What do you think? Is it better to stick with the tried-and-true pencil skirt and button down? Or do you like throwing it a little bit of flare? Comment below and let me know.
If you like the style from above, check out our store: http://www.budandrosas.com

Free Gift: 3 Inspirational FB Covers to Inspire & Empower

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Redeem here:

Hey all,

I’m offering this FREE gift to all my customers, and thought I’d offer it here, too.

Bud & Rosa’s created 3 FREE downloadable Facebook Covers that were made to empower and inspire! We’re offering them for free because we believe we should support our community anyway we can, especially with powerful mantras and prayers.

Enjoy. Feel free to share with your loved ones!

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How to Start Using Inner Wisdom

i look within the find the treasures
Source: http://www.louisehay.com/affirmations/

Stuck in life? Need to make a decision?

Tuning in to your inner wisdom could be the best gift you give yourself, even when you feel like reaching out externally for answers. Your gut reaction is often times the most trustworthy source of information. So why do we ignore it? These 6 tips will help you relax your mind, trust your inner sense of truth, and connect you to your best source wisdom – you! Enjoy, and let fresh ideas and insights flow through you!

Tip: Use what works for you, and know yourself. If you’re a kinesthetic learner, take a walk. If you’re a visual learner, check out this video on drawing Zentangles. Auditory? Jam out to some tunes! If you’re not sure your learning style, take this quiz.

1.) Stop asking people for advice: Having a sound board can be helpful. But when it’s your go-to, you might find yourself overwhelmed with opinions, none of which are your opinions. Friends and family have your best interests at heart, but the only person that knows what’s best for you, is you. You and the inner-wisdom you were gifted with when you were put on this planet. Maybe you are on a new life journey, and something inside is telling you to be more creative. Would you let a friend talk you out of it? If it feels right, explore it. If you struggle with sitting quietly, and tend to rely on others for your life direction, check out this Tiny Buddha article: 5 Steps to Deal with Self Doubt and Trust Yourself Again.

2.) Connect to a higher source: Whether you connect to God, Mother-Earth, a power animal, or a religious figure, make some time to really sit and listen. Take 30 minutes in the evening. Light a candle, make yourself comfy, and make an intention. I am open to an outcome that is in my highest good, and in the highest good of others. Write down an intention, proverb, or mantra that speaks to you. Keep it handy and read it several times, re-focusing your attention when your mind wanders. Keep a journal, and write down any insights. Need some inspiration? Try this beautifully visual list of affirmations from Louise Hay.

3.) Breathe… through your nose. Breathing is something you don’t really have a choice about. But, did you know that your nose hairs protect your lungs by catching particles and dust? That’s pretty cool. When you breathe in through your nose (as opposed to mouth breathing), you are actually filtering the air before it gets to your lungs. If you have a hard time breathing through your nose due to congestion or allergies, I recommend NeilMed Sinus Rinse. This is a personal choice. I started out using the traditional neti-pot and I hated it. The NeilMed is a bottle that sends a gentle blast of water through your sinuses, so it’s over quickly. That’s my kind neti!

4.) Grounding (aka Earthing): It’s free and accessible to everyone. Research has shown that putting bare skin can neutralize chronic and acute inflammation. The Earth Institute has stated that “Earthing stimulates your sympathetic nervous system and heal the immune system as a result.” Even Dr. Andrew Weil agrees that being on the grass or mud – without shoes – can help with relaxation, better sleep, and immune function.

5.) Music. Regardless of the research, like this article from the American Psychological Association, we feel the power music has on our emotions. The Power of Music to Release Stress, put out by PsychCentral.com and written by Jane Collingwood says, “When people are very stressed, there is a tendency to avoid actively listening to music. Perhaps it feels like a waste of time, not helping to achieve anything. But as we know, productivity increases when stress is reduced.”

If you’re more into New Age or relaxing music, try listening to Kelly Howell or Dean Evanson. Both offering a meditative, soothing aspect which can help you connect to your beautiful soul within. Don’t forget to check out these awesome lists put out by HuffingtonPost.com and Buzzfeed.com:

28 songs that are guaranteed to make you cry. Source: BuzzFeed list.

Feeling insecure? Turn up the bass. Source: HuffingtonPost.com

Have a job interview coming up? Huffington Post article suggests listening to… 50 Cent? This makes me laugh.

6.) Move. Stagnant energy can really have a detrimental effect on connecting to our inner nature. It clogs up the pathways that would normally allow fluid, flowing, free movement of energy and ideas. Could it be stopping you from you brilliant insights? There’s only one way to find out. Move! Even if it’s a little. When you feel stuck, even just a small effort can get you going.

Yoga pose, stretch, walk, try Authentic Movement or watch a workout video on Popsugar. Get inspired by this list of yoga poses from YogaJournal.com

These techniques are intended to help you maintain a sense of peace, which in turn can help you experience your inner wisdom. When you are living as your best self, new ideas and insights will just flow through you.